Safety Center

Our approach to safety

WeMe is a social network platform where millions of every age people around the world make new friends every day. Lots of young age peoples use social apps to meet and interact with their peers and they love WeMe because it’s fun, interactive and easy to use. We’ve invested in this Safety Centre to help you understand how young people use social apps, provide online safety advice and make reporting any concerns as easy as possible.

We are always here to Support You

Here at WeMe , we know that we have a special responsibility for our teenage users. We take safety things very seriously and have made safety is our first priority. By having a minimum age limit of 18, ground rules and innovative safety tools, we aim to help reduce risk to young people, improve their digital awareness and safety skills and give them the best possible experience on the app.

Our Community Guidelines

We provide a safety advice pop-up when someone enters a live video chatting and send notifications when we WeMe users breaking our community guidelines we’re going to take against that user.

Check our community guidelines page for more info

Age Must Be 18 or Older To Join

WeMe is free random video chat app download from the Google Play Store or iOS store. Users set up a profile on the app, which includes their real name and a real photo. Candidates age 18 is will join a separate WeMe community that is only for under-18s.

We Never Share Your Private Information

We never selling your private data to any external third-party companies, nor do we share your exact contact info or location with other users. Go to your profile setting page where you can customize your privacy settings at any point, making sure that you share only what you want to.

Our technology looks out for you

We want young people to have a positive experience on WeMe and that includes being as safe as possible. That’s why we provide a safety technology in the app, including technical tools and human moderators who keep a close eye on things. Our approach puts user safety at the heart of the WeMe app and we’re always looking for ways to improving it even more.

Take control of your safety

We want young people to have a positive difference on WeMe and that includes being safe as possible. That’s why we provide a number of safety tips before using our app. You can also check our community guidelines for more safety feature.

1.Always Use Real Information

When you sign up on WeMe, your age must be 18 and make sure that information including your name, your profile photo, and mobile number you providing is real. Make new friends on social media apps works well when you’re honest.

2.Chat With Friends On WeMe, Be Nice

Please be mindful of other people’s feelings, be there for them, and if you think someone on WeMe is feeling extra stress or anxiety and needs to talk to a professional, or may be trying to inflict self-harm, please let us know ASAP. We want to make sure WeMe is a safe haven for all.

3.Don’t Share Your Financial Information

If user persuade you that you should tell them your financial information, be alert never share your financial information with your connections on WeMe. It is important l to your safety that under no circumstances you ever share your financial information with any other user.

4.Show Your Face When Camera Is On

If someone doesn’t show their face, then the screen will be blurred until a face is detected, or you decide to unblur the other persons video feed. So make sure you always have your face visible and that you disconnect with any other users trying not to show theirs.

5.Be on Safe And Private Location

Be in a safe and private location when you using our random video chat app . If you’re in public, make sure that your device camera don’t show any obvious landmarks, addresses, café names, etc.

6.Be Kind And Respect Others

Be polite and respect other users on WeMe app. For full information in detailed and be a community member, please read our Community Guidelines. Also, follow these community guidelines so that we can all enjoy our community.

7.Be Help You

Please respect our community rules and help us monitor/report any underage users. WeMe has the right to ban and delete any underage user accounts. If any user effected by another user’s behavior or if you just need advice, you can easily get in contact in the app or from our safety center.


Above given safety tips are not intended to be a comprehensive guide to the intended use of WeMe. To get complete info, please read out Community Guidelines.

Community Guidelines

Every day millions of WeMe users are using our app for connecting lovely people to share experiences and build relationships with others from backgrounds and places in the world. To keep the WeMe community respectful it’s very essential to have some rules and guidelines about how you treat others and so you can know that what is expected of you. We really want all WeMe users to use the services safely and happily.


It is very important to build a great community all around the world.

  • Don’t be threaten or intimidate other users. Always be kind and respectful.
  • Never ask for nude or nudity.
  • Don’t harass, bully, spam other users.
  • It’s not good to make threats of physical harm or other criminal activities.
  • Don’t post nudity content or which is sexist, racist, homophobic or discriminatory in any other way.


Your identity is a very important community and that builds a great community all around the world.

  • At least one photo very clearly visible your face.
  • Never post any fake pictures.
  • Don’t pretend to someone else.
  • Don’t impersonate other people.


Your identity is a very important community and that builds a great community all around the world.

  • Don’t share the following on WeMe
  • Pornographic and sexually explicit content
  • Nude images/videos of yourself or others
  • Photos/videos in bikinis/underwear/swimwear indoors
  • Image/videos that promote violence such as violent acts, guns, weapons, etc.
  • Images/videos that promote any drugs
  • Coupon Codes and Sales links


We understand at WeMe that some young people are facing and dealing with some issues in their everyday lives, and want to meet and share some of these challenges. But it’s important to have a chat community that promotes safety and wellness. Don’t posts that promote eating disorders and other forms of self-injury such as cutting. If users participate in these behaviours or make fun of people with such difficulties will result in posts being removed and accounts being closed.


  • Don’t use WeMe for any unlawful activities
  • Don’t post hateful content or promoting violence of any kind, including terrorism.
  • Any sexual content we found will be reported directly to the police
  • Don’t promote sexually or advertise sexual services.


You too can do a lot to help us. If someone don’t respect our community guidelines than you can report directly.

Our Safety Tools

We want all of our community members to have a positive experience on WeMe, and that includes being as safe and secure as possible. That’s the reason we provided the number of seamless safety features in the app, including age verification, facial recognition, automatic content blurring, and advanced content moderation.

Always connect with real people

When you match with another community member, both of you must have your face visible on camera. Otherwise, our technology will automatically blur your screen until a face appears. Make sure that you always be connecting to a real person for making real connection on WeMe. You can choose to unblur the other person’s screen when matching if they are not showing their faces.

Automatic and Manual Content Moderation

While we can’t control what all of our community does, we can help to make sure you’re not exposed to unpleasant or offensive content. Our automatic content moderation tools will end your video connection if your match displays content such as nudity, violence or offensive images – and for further security, we have a dedicated team ready to react.

Age Verification Before Signing Up

We allow community only for 18 years or older age. So make sure when you signing up whether it’s through Facebook, Google plays or by providing mobile number your age will need to be verified.

Block & Blacklist

When you using the WeMe app, you can directly send messages if you have added a user in your friend list. You can also block them at any time in your chat settings with that user. Once you block that user, you cannot send or receive messages from that user. If you wish to see who has blocked, or to blocked a user, you need to go to your profile settings where you can manage all accounts.

Manual Reporting

If you found any user violate our community guidelines, then you can easily report that user by click on the report user after that we will take serious action that user.


All the information provide here on this web page for inform you only or it can be changed without giving any notice.

Make A Report


Click “ make a report” section

Enter your username and select the country

Select an incident in dropdown list or tell in brief as possible.

Our support team respond to all report with in 48 hours.

In App Reporting

You can also get user reporting in our app. Reporting an user is easy and fast just click on the shield symbol when matching or once someone is on your friends list. You can also get the reporting reasons list or you can also tell the reason in brief.

Do you need advice on using WeMe?

For any advice or how best to use WeMe or need any help on using our app, then contact our support team, who will be happy to support you. Sometimes social media can provoke difficult emotions- we are here to help.

Are you concerned about someone else’s behaviour?

if you’re concerned about something that you or someone close to you experienced on WeMe, please let us know. Our community guidelines cover things like nudity, bullying, fake profiles, make profiles and we take action against users who break these rules.